Resurrecting the Site!

Hi all!

I’ll be updating this old site (including this post) over the next year or so. I hope to provide an informative site on Rescues, fun and learning, and mostly horses!

Got alot going on right now, but I’ll keep up on this, even if it’s just to check in with you guys…

See you all soon!


Saving America’s Horses

The above Preview Trailer is herein displayed courtesy of WFLF Humanion Films, “Saving America’s Horses“.  Click on the banner below to visit the official film website.

T’s Guestbook!

Hi, I am E. Talamante. Welcome to my

This site is for my English 1312 class at UTEP. I will be posting about Horse Slaughter and the illegal Wild Horse roundups that have been occurring recently. 

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